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Frontiers of Research in Caribbean Science and Technology (FORECAST) Conference



In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current steps being taken to mitigate its spread, the Faculty of Science and Technology, UWI, Mona and The Faculty of Sports and Science, UTech, Ja. have decided to postpone the staging of the FORECAST 2020 conference. Please check this website for any updates. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email.



1. When will registration open?

Registration for the FORECAST Conference is now open. Registration closes Aug 12, 2022

2. What time zone will be used?

All times are GMT-5 (Jamaica time)

3. What is the registration cost?

Early Registration closes July 15: Standard USD100; Student USD50. General registration runs from July 16 – Aug 12:  Standard USD120; Student USD60.

4. What does registration include?

Access to the FORECAST Conference’s virtual platforms, all presentations, abstracts, poster sessions, orientation and social sessions, virtual networking with other conference participants and videos showcasing campuses and research activities.

5. What is the registration cancelation policy?

The registration cost is non-refundable.

6. May I register for individual events?

No, there is only one registration option which includes all aspects of the conference.

7. May I share my virtual conference login information with another person/ other members of my team?

No, registration is on an individual basis. Multiple, simultaneous access using one individual’s login credentials will not be permitted.

8. May I invite my friends to attend FORECAST Conference?

Yes, you may invite persons to register at https://www.forecastconference.org.jm/register

9. Will I be able to view the programme prior to registering?

You may access a draft programme on the FORECAST Conference website at www.forecastconference.org.jm/programme.

10. How can I view the abstracts?

During the FORECAST Conference accepted abstracts will be available for viewing on the conference’s virtual platform by registered participants only. After the FORECAST Conference, abstracts will be archived to the UWI Mona Faculty of Science and Technology website and the book of abstracts that will be subsequently published.

11. Will the presentations be pre-recorded or live?

· Oral presentations will be live during the scheduled sessions.
· Poster presentations will be available for viewing on the FORECAST Conference platform and during the poster session. Further, authors of posters may include a pre-recorded presentation that will be available for the duration of the conference.  

12. Will I be able to ask the presenters questions?

Yes, oral and poster presentation sessions will include question and answer segments. However other presentations, such as the keynote address, will not include a question-and-answer segment.

13. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Access to Conference Platform

1. Is there a physical location in which the conference is being held?

· No, it is entirely virtual on Gather.Town. https://www.gather.town/
· Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. The platform has a conference layout which allows participants, via their avatars, to virtually attend presentations, view posters and interact with other participants.

2. How may I get access to the Virtual Conference?

After registration and payment, prior to the FORECAST Conference, credentials to access Gather, will be emailed to attendees.

3. When will I receive the instructions for attending the virtual conference?

Access information will be emailed prior to the start of the FORECAST Conference.

4. How do I join a live session as an attendee?

· The link for the FORECAST Conference on Gather will be sent to registered participants via email.
· Live sessions will be hosted in the main auditorium. Participants will “walk” to the auditorium and click on the link which will take them to the presentation in Zoom.
· Videos illustrating the use of the Gather software are found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScA8MN1FwU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JePchzu_USM

5. How do I view the posters / exhibits / videos?

Registered attendees can view the FORECAST Conference posters, exhibits and videos in Gather.

6. Will I be able to access recordings of any of the sessions from the conference?

To be decided.

7. How long will I have access to the conference on Gather?

· All participants will have access for the duration of the FORECAST Conference.
· Information and archived work will be accessible on the FORECAST Conference website at www.forecastconference.org.jm.

8. Will I be able to move from session to session during the conference?

Yes, using your Gather avatar you will be able to freely move around the FORECAST Conference’s virtual space and interact with other participants.

During the event

1. What do I need to do on the day of the FORECAST Conference?

Login in / click the link provided to you for Gather in the registration email.

2. What is the platform on which sessions will be viewed? Will I have to download extra software?

The FORECAST Conference will utilize Gather and Zoom.

3. Will Technical Support be available if I have issues?

Yes, some (limited) technical support will be made available for issues related to the FORECAST Conference and the virtual platforms upon which it will be hosted. 

4. How can I ask questions at a Virtual Conference?

In Zoom you will be able to virtually raise your hand and type in the chat.

5. Will there be a social program? Will I be able to network and meet other virtual attendees?

· Gather has a feature called a proximity chat (which permits one and one conversations with people you meet at the FORECAST Conference) and private spaces.
· There will also be a virtual orientation and welcome party on the eve of FORECAST Conference.

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